Marathon bombing survivor looking forward to wearing heels

A big step forward Thursday for a local survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Newport resident, Heather Abbott, lost a leg in the attack.

But thanks to new technology, that isn't stopping her from strapping on some high heels.

Abbott was fitted for a new prosthetic on Thursday. It's from Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics in Manchester, N.H.

Abbott says she loves wearing heels, but knows it won't be easy.

"You're not going to get there right away. So, when I first got my initial leg, it was really big, and really bulky and it hurt a lot to put on and I couldn't walk at all," she said. "I would like to be able at a faster than a three on a treadmill, which is about where I am right now."

Abbott also said that where she lives has a lot of cobblestones and she might have to move.