Marijuana bust in 2 towns tied to one man

On Thursday the Hopkinton and Charlestown Police departments in Rhode Island caught a 39-year-old man growing approximately 190 pot marijuana plants in two different houses.

Detectives even found $12,000 dollars in cash and a generator to power dozens of special hydroponic lights and fans.

Police shared a few photos of the bust with NBC10 News.

In the pictures rows of pot plants can be seen lined up on the floor under professional growing lights.

Hopkinton and Charlestown Police say that's what they found at 32 Shore Drive in Charlestown, and at number 24 Colonial Village Road in Hopkinton.

The common denominator at both house was 39-year-old Gene Zeldin. He's said to have ties or reside at both locations.

Zeldin has now been charged with two felony counts of Manufacturing and Cultivation of Marijuana.

Police tell NBC10 they made the discoveries after acting on a tip about a possible marijuana grow operation.

The photos of the bust prove that the lead, was a good one.

Detectives say after searching the first home and finding 60 plants there, they found about 130 more plants at the second location, even though Mr. Zeldin claimed there were 'just a few seedlings' at the property.

The 39 year olds' Hopkinton neighbors say they're upset and surprised.

James Palmer lives across the street from the suspect's home.

He said, "It's very shocking. I had no idea, absolutely no idea."

When asked if he had ever met Mr. Zeldin, Palmer said.

"No. We just moved in. This whole neighborhood is pretty new to me, so it's definitely shocking," he said.

Another neighbor who did not want to be identified said, "I had no idea. I mean, I knew there was some kind of sketchy people in the area, I just had no idea how extensive it was. I mean it's a quiet area, and there's not a lot of people around, and we do have a lot of open area."

After finding out what was going on just a few doors away, neighbors say they're grateful for the good police work.

"Yes, I am. I'm happy about that. We have a nine month old baby that lives with us here too, so" Palmer said.

{}Mr. Zeldin was arraigned on Thursday and was released on $10,000 dollars personal recognizance.

Zeldin will have to appear before a judge again in late October to face the two felony Manufacturing and Cultivation charges.