Market Basket CEOs: We're not laying off workers

Market Basket's new CEOs said Thursday that the company is not laying off workers. They said store directors have been told to adjust workers' hours to meet current demand and that the company hopes to get back to normal business levels soon.

Company co-CEO Felicia Thornton said in a statement that store directors "are to let their associates know that they are not laid off."

The statement came after attorneys general in Massachusetts and New Hampshire said they received a surge in calls from workers at Market Basket.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley opened a dedicated hotline for Market Basket employees at 617-963-2400.

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster said his office also has been fielding calls from workers saying they've been laid off and asking about unemployment benefits. Foster said his office doesn't handle employment issues.

Also Thursday, the Boston Globe reported that the Belgium-based parent company of Hannaford is offering to buy part or all of Market Basket.

NBC 10 News contributed to this report.