Mass. doctor with Ebola heading back to U.S. for treatment

A doctor from Massachusetts, who is infected with the deadly Ebola virus, is on his way back to the United States for treatment.

Dr. Richard Sacra, who is based in the Worcester area, contracted the disease while working in Liberia.

His wife, Debbie, spoke Thursday at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where Sacra is a faculty member. "I just had a call from the doctor who put Rick on a plane to come to the United States. He said Rick is clearly sick but that he was in very good spirits and he walked onto the plane," she said.

Rick Sacra has spent considerable time in Liberia. He was working with a missionary group there.

His wife says they knew the risks of working in Liberia, but he actually moved up his trip last month because he saw a need for medical help.

It's not known exactly how Sacra contracted the deadly Ebola virus that is surging through parts of West Africa. "But he would want you to know that he would not be afraid to pass into eternal life with the Lord. Not because he has done good works, but because of the death of Christ on his behalf," Debbie Sacra said.

Rick Sacra is now on his way to a hospital in Nebraska. He is expected to arrive Friday.