Mass. girl insulted by dictionary definition of 'gay'

A Massachusetts teenager said she was horrified to see a negative definition for the word "gay" when she looked it up on her MacBook computer. So she decided to do something about it.

Becca Gorman, a 15-year-old sophomore at Lincoln Sudbury Regional School, was writing an essay on gay rights for class last week, when she looked up the word "gay" in the dictionary on her Apple laptop.

"It was just insulting and kind of like, I couldn't even understand why that would be there," Gorman said.

She stared blankly as she read all three definitions.

"The first two were normal. They were 'happy' and 'attracted to one's own sex.' And then the third one was informal, 'stupid, foolish,'" Gorman said.

Gorman said it was more than insulting. It was personal.

As the daughter of two lesbian parents, she wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

"I told him that I found the definition horrifying and that I'm sure he did too, being a gay friendly company," Gorman said.

To her surprise, Apple responded within minutes, calling the teenager at her Sudbury home.

"Before we had children, we made it clear we wanted to be out and open and proud of who we were. And we felt like then our children would feel proud of who they were," one of Gorman's mothers said.

The message must have resonated.

"Be yourself and others will have to deal with you being yourself and if you see something that's unjust, don't be afraid to fight it," Gorman said.

The representative who spoke to Gorman told her Apple would look into the problem, but Gorman said the dictionary has not changed.