Mass. sheriff tours Texas border security

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is one of six sheriffs touring the Rio Grande Valley looking for a better understanding of border security.

With the massive influx of immigrants illegally crossing the border from Central America the federal government has to decide where to put them.

Hundreds have been flown to Massachusetts awaiting deportation hearings, and President Barack Obama wants to house unaccompanied children there too.

"My inclination is to remember what happened when a ship full of Jewish children came to the United States back in 1939 and the U.S. turned them away, and many of them went to their deaths to Nazi concentration camps," said Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Hodgson told NBC 10 during a phone interview that he would send the kids home.

"Absolutely no question about it and until we do, they're just going to keep on coming," Hodgson said.

Hodgson said the tour reinforces his concerns for public safety and public health. He said the sheriffs traveling with him are demanding Congress take action, send those who came here illegally home, and secure the border.

"We're as fed up as the American people to the inaction on the part of government. Everyone is calling this a humanitarian crisis. Most Americans have figured out this is a leadership crisis," Hodgson said.

Hodgson and other sheriffs are organizing a movement in D.C. to encourage Congress to act.