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      Massachusetts delegation will discuss the fishing industry

      U.S. Sen.Elizabeth Warren, Congressman William Keating and two other House members have planned a Monday hearing in Boston, to hear from those, whose

      jobs are tied to the Massachusetts fishing industry.

      Sen. Warren has called it a "listening session" , to hear about the challenges facing the state's fishing industry.

      In a statement, Warren said she hoped representatives from marine science, shore businesses, and fishermen will attend, to discuss ways to sustain

      the fishing culture in the state.

      The meeting comes as Congress plans to vote whether to continue the law that regulates fishing in the United States.

      Last week,it was announced that Bay State fishermen would be eligible for federal disaster assistance, through the

      Small Business Administration .

      The disaster aid would be made available, to help fishermen in Barnstable, Bristol, Plymouth, and three other Massachusetts counties.