Mayors duel for 'bragging rights' to Gaspee Days

Wariwck Mayor Scott Avedisian and Cranston Mayor Allan Fung kicked off a fundraiser for the Gaspee Days Celebration on Thursday.

The two engaged in a so-called 'painting duel', a competition they created to encourage people to contribute funds to pay for a red, white and blue paint stripe down Narragansett Parkway for the annual parade.

"Gaspee Days are extremely important to both our communities, this is a great way to showcase a fun celebration and raise a little money," Avedisian said.

The Gaspee days are a commemorative celebration of the day Rhode Island colonists set fire to a British schooner, the HMS Gaspee during the American Revolution back in 1772.

"We take great pride in the history of the Gaspee days," Fung said.

Repainting the two mile stretch will cost $5,000. The community that raises the most money by June for this project gets to lead the parade.

Avedisian and Fung joked about the fierce competition held near the Cranston, Warwick line.

"I'll call Mayor Avedisian an old man on the record any day. My youth will help me win this competition," Fung said before the painting duel.

Fung won the duel and his prize was "bragging rights."