Memorial held for Pawtucket murder victim

Family and friends marching strong, determined not to let their loved one be forgotten.

It was three years ago October 30th, Alfredo "Pauly" Barros was shot and killed while stopped at a light at this intersection in Pawtucket.

On Sunday, family members were joined by a large group of friends at the site to remember him.

NBC 10 talked to Barros's sister Nancy Palardy, she described what the memorial means to her and her family, "when we're down this brings us up because we know he's still loved and remembered"

The pain is still fresh for Alfredo Barros, who lost his son, saying "he was my best friend."

This memorial comes as the man who killed Barros is finally paying for the crime; Victor Arciliares was convicted of the murder earlier this year.

At the time of Barros' murder, Arciliares was out on bail charged with killing the mother of his child a year earlier.

This memorial is not only to remember Pauly but also a call to end the type of violence that claimed his life.

And as they let go of balloons they will never let go of his memory. The family told NBC 10 they will continue to have the memorial no matter how many people come each year, to remember a man well loved, taken by violence.