Envelope full of cash returned to owner

Chartley Country Store surveillance video.

The woman who allegedly took an envelope full of cash from the father of a murder victim has returned the money.

The owner of the store where the money was taken posted an update on his Facebook page Tuesday night.

Surveillance video from Chartley Country Store on Tremont Street shows an envelope sitting on the counter at the register.

A woman puts her stuff on top of it then later, she picks it up, along with the envelope, and takes it all with her.

The store owner told NBC 10 there was $1,100 in the envelope. The money apparently belonged to the father of Zack Marshall.

Marshall, 22, from Attleboro, was stabbed to death in Providence four years ago.

He had just become a father.

Zack's father was at the store on June 28 with the envelope, getting supplies for an annual motorcycle run. The ride raises money for a scholarship established in his son's memory.