Money Watchers: RIPTA undergoing top-to-bottom review

Since the departure of RIPTA CEO Charles Odimgbe, Warwick Mayor and RIPTA Chairman Scott Avedisian and interim RIPTA CEO Ray Studley of the state police said they've been working hard to study the authority's structure from top to bottom to make improvements.

"I think internally we're looking at not only the budget but we're looking at the human resources, the operations, the maintenance. We're looking at RIPTA as a whole," Studley said.

Meetings are being held with the public, and in what they call the comprehensive operational analysis, those in charge will examine more than 50 routes and zones.

RIPTA has also been "hub planning," looking into new ways to "energize" Kennedy Plaza in Providence, and in Pawtucket there is some discussion on moving a hub away from Slater Mill.

Avedisian said there's no timeline.

"I'm expecting at our meeting in March -- we are not having a meeting in February because we couldn't reach a quorum, a day that worked for all the members of the board. But in March we will discuss what the format should be on a time frame and where we should be going and how we should be moving," Avedisian said.

NBC 10 also found online that passenger and non-rider surveys are being processed in key cities.

"I see that we have a number of things that are moving already. We've been doing the comprehensive operations analysis and looking at every route and trying to figure out which ones are effective and which ones are not," Avedisian said. "At this point, I can tell you the board does not favor reduction of service and there's been no talk of layoffs."