Money Watchers: Lincoln bridges being repaired

Work is getting under way on two bridges in Lincoln.

The Manville Road Bridge and the Mussey Brook Bridge see about 5,000 cars a day.

"As a result of what we saw out there, we had our maintenance people go out there and stabilize the situation," Kazem Farhoumand, of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation said.

The cost to fix the Mussey Brook Bridge is estimated at $79,000. The DOT needs to shore up the forms because they found some of the stones in the arch are loose.

"This is not a permanent fix but will be safe enough to open up the bridge to traffic," Farhoumand said.

More repairs will have to come later, at a price.

The second bridge is about a half-mile away. The Manville Bridge is a different type of bridge and it was closed a couple of months of ago. The price to fix this one is estimated at $158,000.

The budget for the bridge program can cover these costs. It runs between $180 million and $200 million on design and infrastructure work.

The smaller bridge should reopen soon; the larger one by the end of April.