Money Watchers: City aims to attract out-of-state businesses

MojoTech designs and develops web applications.

It used to be in Warren but decided to move to downtown Providence in 2014.

"Just practically speaking, there was not a lot of good office space in Warren at the time," said Nick Kishfy of MojoTech.

From its downtown office, many MojoTech employees can walk to the train station. Many others bike to and from work.

Money has been invested from the city in a new marketing campaign to "Bring Your Company to Life," and The Providence Foundation and the Downtown Improvement District want that to happen.

"We have a lot of great assets that employees and employers are looking for," said Daniel Baudouin of The Providence Foundation.

Those behind the campaign said they are targeting out-of-state businesses, even though MojoTech left Warren for Providence.

"We have a lot of success with companies in Rhode Island who discovered downtown and expanded in downtown and we think now is the time to tell that story outside of Rhode Island," Baudouin said.

So how do you tell that story?

There's a feature on the BringYourCompanyToLife website where a user is asked to "bribe your boss." The user fills out a form and then someone will take the person's boss out to lunch in the city.

The builders who designed the site took into consideration what employees want in their workplace, not just their boss.

"We're sort of doing a run around the bosses. If you get the employees nagging the boss, the boss starts to listen," said Alec Beckett of Nail Communications. "We're trying to paint the picture that Providence is a city on the cutting edge in a lot of ways that people don't expect it to be."