Money Watchers: Court hearing on CCFD

A Kent County District Court judgeon Monday denied a request for voters to receive information on a contingencyplan a day before they vote on a new budget that will determine whether theCentral Coventry Fire District should be liquidated.

The request was made bylawyers for state Rep. Patricia Morgan and state Sen. Nicolas Kettle.

"In the course ofthree days, the union has said there is no plan. Then they said they werewilling to have it, they wanted it open. Now they've changed and say they wantit closed," Morgan said.

Nick Gorham, a lawyer forthe legislators, said he believes a postcard sent out by the fire union was"a scare tactic" to rattle people while voting on the new budget onTuesday.

"The union has takenso many positions on this plan that there is no plan, that they want itreleased, and now they're against it. We thought, 'Look let's just let the plancome out and let the people decide,'" he said.

The union claims a closedfire station would inevitably mean reduced staffing and services to the district.

"It was just a planthat three fire chiefs worked on. It wasn't necessarily the court-orderedsafety committee's plan so that's why we kind of turned on it and said this isnot a reliable plan," said David Gorman, head of the firefighters union.

Special Master RichardLand discussed the contingency plan and the judge's decision with NBC 10.

"There is so muchuncertainty with those plans that and (the judge) noted quite a few of them inhis decision that it wouldn't necessarily be appropriate. But moresignificantly, those plans were provided to (the judge) for his decision makingshould the district vote down the budget," he said.