Money Watchers: CVS policy criticized

Woonsocket-based CVS Caremark employs about 200,000 employees, and those employees are being asked to submit their weight and body fat among other personal health information.

If they don't, they have to pay an extra $50 a month for their insurance.

"I obviously don't agree with the fine." said one woman, who doesn't work for CVS. "I would think $1 is steep. You're fining an employee for not giving out their personal information about their health? I just don't agree with it."

In a statement, CVS said using health screenings by employer-sponsored health plans is a common practice and that all personal health data is kept private by the company's wellness program's third-party administrator. It is never shared with CVS Caremark.

Employees who agree to submit their personal health information to the company will not see a change in how much they pay for their health insurance. According to the Boston Herald, CVS will pay for the screenings.

May 1 is the reported deadline to have screenings completed for the company.