Money Watchers: Del's lemonade expands throughout country

It's at this time of year when so many people in Rhode Island crave a Del's lemonade.

Rhode Island is home to Del's corporate office, and where the science takes place.

"We don't only scoop lemonade. There is a lot of secrets we have and keep for many years," said Demetrios Kazantzis, who works in Del's research and development department.

And now thanks to social media, people from all over the world are learning about the Rhode Island tradition and want to be a part of it. You can now find Del's in California, Miami and even Puerto Rico. There are even trucks in New York City.

"They own their own trucks. We ship out these dry mixes. When we started, it was liquid mix," Del's owner Bruce DeLucia.

Dry mix, because it's easier to ship, and out of state locations serve in Del's cups.

"Everything is starting here, and ending up in the cups of Del's in any state where they are with the same exact taste," Kazantzis said.

Del's NYC has its own Twitter page, and has more than 350 followers.

"I don't really like to go on Twitter, but we have 53,000 people that follow us on it which I guess is pretty good," DeLucia said.

DeLucia said it's great that the Del's brand is getting outside of the state, and thinks the "sky's the limit" about how much the company will grow over the next few years.