Money Watchers: Job Club RI

There's help for Rhode Island residents looking for work. It's an organization that has already placed 58 percent of its members in new jobs.

We met Steve Perry at his new job in information technology at CVS in Woonsocket.

"My specialty is large enterprise IT," he said.

Perry had his work cut out to find a job. He contacted Job Club RI. In addition to helping him with some interview skills, they connected him with CVS, directly.

"It was just a great connection with a little bit of luck," Perry said.

Rhode Island is tied with Nevada in sharing the highest unemployment rate in the country. A service that can actually make a match is key.

CVS has hired 10 employees through Job Club RI, including Perry, since 2012.

"We've hired into IT roles, customer support center roles, as well as administrative assistant roles," said Deirdre Vitale of CVS.

Steve Colella, the founder of Job Club RI, calls it a labor of love. He's working with big employers in the state. In addition to CVS, he has helped people find jobs at FM Global, Care New England, Lifespan, Honeywell and Citizens Bank.

He's the matchmaker, and the service is free.

"I can forward their resume to an individual person. They can look at it, give them feedback. The goal is to get them hired. It doesn't always happen, but at least at they're going to get feedback," Colella said.

At Citizens Bank, Job Club RI has found six people new jobs.

"We've hired some people in informational technology. We've hired some people in customer service roles and we're hired some people into accounting functions," said Steve Bradley of Citizens Bank.

Perry said he encourages others looking for work to contact Job Club RI.

"I believe in what they do and how valuable of a service they provide to the residents of Rhode Island," Perry said.