Money Watchers: New airport chief sees growth opportunities

T.F. Green Airport will have a new president April 8.

Kelly Fredericks is a 52-year-old civil engineer who is currently overseeing a $1.5 billion runway expansion at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida.

The Rhode Island Airport Corp. spent eight months looking for a new president, and believes it has found the right person in Fredericks.

"It's a value-added, if you will, with his engineering experience, his experience building runways and terminals, and his experience as a private pilot. I really think that's going to help RIAC with our general aviation airports to really find the best niche for them. He understands what a GA airport needs to be, and I think he's going to help us to get there," Airport Corp. chairwoman Kathleen Hittner said.

Fredericks said he would like to get Green up to the 5 million passenger mark annually.

"It's going to take collaboration with the current air carriers, taking advantage of the asset when the new runway is in place. Perhaps some international service, perhaps longer flight lengths, whether it's the West Coast or perhaps the islands. One of the things that enticed me about T.F. Green is that the demand is there. It's just being captured. An awful lot of Green's demand is being captured by Boston and others, and I'm hopeful that we can recapture -- I think somebody used the phrase steal -- away some of the business," Fredericks told NBC 10 News.

Fredericks's salary will be $255,000, which is less than his predecessor.

Fredericks told the corporation that he is excited to move here and that he hopes to stay around for awhile.