Money Watchers: Protecting your vacation investment

Carnival Cruise Lines has endured a series of negative headlines for a month, but travel agents say it's not having an impact on the cruise industry in general.

The Carnival Dream had mechanical problems in the Caribbean this week and passengers were flown home. Last month, the Carnival Triumph was left adrift at sea after a fire.

"I don't feel like the current situation with Carnival has any effect on cruising in general," Deb Dobb, of Travel Plus.

We heard that not from one but from two different travel agents: Travel Plus in Coventry and AAA in Providence.

They said sales for cruises are up, and not because people think they can find a good deal because of bad publicity.

"I don't think so. I think it's just with the economy getting better, people wanting to travel," said Rick Delnero, of AAA.

A lesson from past experiences is to invest in insurance.

"I would say the price range for insurance is anywhere between $75 and $125 per person. It does cover the trip for a week or more," Dodd said.

Travel agents say use their services.

"Things do go wrong. We understand that. That's just a part of life. But you have to have someone help you with that resolution when you return from that trip or even while you're traveling," Dodd said

Have they heard from any last minute cruisers saying they want to consider alternate vacation plans?

"We have had people call, ask questions. There's been some concern as to what they should be doing, but we haven't had anyone cancel yet," Delnero said.

Travel agents say there is no clear front-runner when it comes to cruise lines, but the Caribbean is still the hot spot.