Money Watchers: Report problem properties in New Bedford

There's a new way to report problem properties in New Bedford.

Students designed a web platform to make building owners more accountable, and it all came at a great price - free.

The program is called The Mayor's Neighborhood Task Force and to date, about 200 properties have been reported and corrective actions have been taken.

With the new web-based software, residents can engage directly with their city government and hold property owners accountable.

The website is interactive and built by two students at the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School.

"This website enhances our ability to not only disseminate information about the task force, but also receive it. And that's the key part today. Now residents of the city can take pictures of problem properties. Now, you can take a picture and send it into the city of New Bedford. The task force will receive it and we can address it," Mayor Jon Mitchell said.

The task force posts before and after pictures.