RISD grads create multifunctional cellphone accessory

A pair of Rhode Island School of Design graduates have created a multifunctional system that attaches to any cellphone.

A pair of Rhode Island School of Design grads may have come up with the next million-dollar idea.

Linkmount is a multifunctional system that attaches to any phone or case giving you options in one simple tool.

Lukas Scheurer and Toshi Sakagutchi have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter to raise enough money for the two designers of the product to move their operation out of their apartment, but stay in Rhode Island.

"We are right on 95 and we have a huge number of manufacturers here and that's really important to us, to know our manufacturers," Scheurer said.

The slow economy in Rhode Island means Scheurer and Sakatuchi are the exception among their fellow alumni.

"All of our friends left. They usually go to New York City or San Francisco," Sakatuchi said.

Scheurer said the manufacturers in Rhode Island are willing to work with them, which has helped the process of developing their product.

"We're happy to adjust our design if it makes it easier to make or more viable from their end. We learn a lot from our manufacturers. This product has changed dramatically just because we went out and talked to the people who are going to be making these things," he said.

The Linkmount has been the most successful Kickstarter project out of Rhode Island, having raised more than $100,000.

The designers say they hope to be selling the product by the end of the year.