Money Watchers: The rise of RI car fees

By taking the tolls off the Sakonnet River Bridge, lawmakers assumed the job of finding out how to pay for maintenance.

The place they turned? The cars of Rhode Islanders.

It is not the first time the state budget writers have gone to car owners. In fact, Rhode Island is currently considered the fourth most expensive state in the country to own a car.

And it's just getting more expensive.

In 2013, license renewals were scheduled to increase $10 a year until 2015. Registrations increased $30 over the same time.

The new budget increases inspection fees by $16, and the court costs for safe drivers who get their tickets dismissed has doubled to $50.

NBC 10 totaled the costs, and in 2013 it cost $147 for registration fees and the safe driver court fee.

In 2015, it will cost $238.

The totals do not include excise tax or insurance costs.