Money Watchers: Treasurer releases mid-term report

Gina Raimondo

A new report out by the Rhode Island General Treasurer shows a list of accomplishments, operational improvements and new initiatives being launched in 2013.

"What this report is all about is showing the people of Rhode Island how their tax dollars are at work for them at the treasury," Gina Raimondo told NBC 10.

Streamlining current programs and then starting new ones, with new partnerships, are some of the office's goals. An example includes partnering with the Capital Good Fund to start The Rhode Island Financial Coaching Corps.

"That's helping Rhode Islanders, one Rhode Islander at a time, to be more financially secure," Raimondo said.

Other new initiatives include: The Ocean State Investment Pool, the Disability Fraud Hotline and the Rhode Island Investor Relations Portal, which is the state's first tool online to allow state residents to log in to review state finances.

Raimondo told NBC 10 none of the new initiatives have cost taxpayers any money.

"It's not business as usual," Raimondo said.