Only on 10 : Mortgage mix up in Hopkinton

The welcome mat is out on the front step.

But the people who came into Susan Bell's Hopkinton home last week were certainly not welcome.

"Illegally broke into my house, busted my door knob, disconnected my well and my plumbing, drained my hot water heater, messed with my furnace, stole my pool," Bell told NBC10.

They weren't burglars, but contractors apparently hired by Bell's mortgage company.

Bell moved out of the home and to Florida a year ago but says the property has been maintained.

She tells NBC10 that they just fell two months behind on their mortgage, but that she stayed in contact with the mortgage company to tell the company that payment would be coming.

Bell says her home was not in foreclosure. But it seems to have gotten that treatment when the workers from Safeguard Properties came last week.

Workers winterized the house and dismantled the above ground pool and removed it from the property.

"I think Safeguard is one of the worst, worst companies out there," Bell said from Florida.

NBC10 called Safeguard Properties and a spokesperson told us they've taken immediate action to fix the problem, already de-winterizing the home, replacing the doorknob and will replace the pool.

Beatriz Garcia wrote in a statement to NBC10, "We are committed to ensuring that we take all necessary actions and cover all costs to resolve this issue in a timely manner and to their complete satisfaction."

But she would not explain why there was a mix up.

Bell said, "Their response has been so quick because I think they realized how badly they messed upbut for me, it's not good enough. Nobody had the right to enter my property, nobody had the right to take my pool down, cut it up, and remove it from my property and I do not want this to happen to anybody else."

NBC10 also contacted Bell's mortgage company, Citi Mortgage.

A spokesman said the company takes these matters seriously and will look into the case, but that they did not have enough time to give a specific response to NBC10 before the story aired Friday night.