RI home to most philosophical kindergartner in America

Scout Brocklehurst

At Carriage House Day Care in Cranston, kindergartners are learning reading, writing and arithmetic coupled with some unconventional lessons like yoga and philosophy.

"I wanted to find something that could highlight their critical thinking piece because they're deep thinkers," said Tammy Donohue, who works at Carriage House.

Donohue entered her kids in a national philosophy competition. Scout Brocklehurst has her own philosophy in the classroom.

"Because no one wants to get in trouble," Brocklehurst said.

Scout just happened to place first in the competition.

"I went to the website, it was 3 a.m. in the morning and I saw Scout's name as the most philosophical kindergartner in America," Donohue said.

It was a phrase about beauty coming from the heart and a drawing of her and her teacher that resonated with the judges.

"Beauty comes from the heart and makes you want to do the right thing," Brocklehurst said.

Her classmates were pretty impressed with her medal, certificate and cash prize.

"Oh boy, $25!" they said.

Teachers at the day care said talking about the big picture with the children has given them a new perspective.

"How to look through the eyes of a child, it's something we do every day," Donohue said.

Donohue said sometimes we focus so much on academics we forget to include the life lessons.

"They're missing the manner piece. They're missing the civility and that's what connects us as a society and that's what makes us accountable to one another," she said.