Mother arrested after child left in overheated van

A Providence woman has been arrested after she was accused of leaving her 1-year-old baby unattended in a van for about 30 minutes in the heat while she shopped for clothes.

The Providence Journal reported that a passer-by called police on Friday after seeing the infant crying in his car seat. The windows were rolled up.

The temperature on Friday was in the 90s.

Decontee Brooks, 28, was taken into custody and charged with driving with a suspended license and operating an unregistered motor vehicle. Police say the Youth Services Bureau has begun a child-neglect investigation.

Police said the child was sweating profusely and crying uncontrollably.

Brooks told police she was in the store for only a few minutes and insisted she was a good mother.

Ryan Durigan, who was in the store working, told NBC 10 on Monday that it appeared that Brooks was in the store for about 20 to 30 minutes.

"She had about seven items so she couldn't have been in here for a few minutes," he said.

Durigan said Brooks ran out with the clothes in her hands.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.