Mother, daughter injured in Boston explosions

We're now learning more about the horrific, life-altering experiences and injuries victims of the Boston Marathon blast endured on Monday.

NBC 10 spoke with a shaken Carmen Acabbo of North Kingstown as she took a break from being at her sister's bedside at Boston Medical Center Tuesday night.

Acabbo was only about a half-mile away from the finish when the bomb went off.

The shocked woman says her sister Celeste Corcoran lost both legs below the knee in one of the two deadly blasts that rocked Boylston Street, and stunned the nation.

But for the Corcoran family, the devastation doesn't end there.

Corcoran's daughter, 17-year-old Sydney, also suffered leg injuries in the explosion.

Acabbo said Sydney almost died when her femoral artery was severed by shrapnel.

And the bad news just kept coming for the Corcoran's, as two friends of the family, a couple in town to watch Acabbo cross the finish, were also injured.

Acabbo said that male victim also required surgery, and is now at Tufts Medical center being treated for his injuries, while his wife, who also required surgery, is recovering at Boston Medical Center alongside the Corcoran's.

Her voice shaking, Acabbo said, "Celeste and Sydney know everything that's going on. Celeste knows, um, she knows that she lost her legs, they both remember everything that happened when the explosions went off. They know, they have recollection to who was working on them, how they were treated, how they you know got to the hospital until the point where they both had surgery."

Still exhausted from her 25 mile run, and drained from holding a constant vigil at the hospital, Acabbo talks about the terrible leg injury her niece suffered.

"When she arrived at the hospital, the vascular surgeon described her condition as 'mortal,' because it was that main artery that she was bleeding out of, so there was somebody that applied a tourniquet on her at the scene, and they saved her life," Acabbo said.

As for their state of mind, Acabbo says her sister couldn't be a stronger, more positive person.

Acabbo said her sister is a hair stylist on Newbury Street, and even joked that she, "would be a hairstylist on wheels now."

But still, the devastated sister admits it's going to be a long road to recovery for Celeste.

"They're having a tough time, it's very hard, they're in very critical condition, but I think they're both going to be okay, I think life for Celeste, well I know life for Celeste is going to be a very different life because she lost her legs from the knees down," she said.

All in all, Acabbo said she's lucky that all of her family and friends survived, but she says she's still trying to process the gravity of the entire experience.

"There's so many times where I feel like it's not happening and I'm walking away. I don't know, it's overwhelming, I can't see my sister and my niece in the condition they're in, knowing that they were somewhere watching me, and um, I can't I can't put words to it," she said.

A Corcoran cousin named Alyssa Carter started an online fundraising page to bring in some much needed cash for the family's medical expenses.

Online Fundraising Effort for Celeste and Sydney Corcoran.