Mother says Khia Lake found safe

Khia Lake was last seen on August 20, 2014.

The mother of a 14-year-old West Warwick teenager reported missing since Aug. 21 has been found safe.

Serenity Fague, the mother of Khia Lake, did not provide any other details on her daughter's return.

Khia's uncle, Raymond Robbio said on his Facebook page that Fague told him Khia was found safe and currently at Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Robbio said Fague wants to thank the state, West Warwick police and so many others who searched for Khia. She also thanked Khia's friends and family members who supported her. She also thanked the media for the coverage of her daughter's disappearance.

Fague asked that she be allowed to reunite with her daughter in peace.

In an interview with NBC 10, Fague said Khia went to bed about 10 p.m. Aug. 20 and the next day she was gone.

Fague said the window in her bedroom was open and pillows and blankets had been stuffed in the bed to make it look like she was still there.

"She didn't take anything. She didn't have shoes. All of her clothes, all of her belongings are in her bedroom," Fague said.

Fague told NBC 10 that Khia has severe post-traumatic stress disorder and has flashbacks after an incident in April. She didn't share specific details but said Khia has been in and out of the hospital and takes medication.