Co-defendant testifies against Gonzalez at murder trial

Ricardo Vasquez

A co-defendant testified Friday against a man on trial for murder in the killing of a 12-year-old Providence girl.

Prosecutors say Ricardo Vasquez can prove Luis "Fat Boy" Gonzalez orchestrated a deadly shooting at a graduation party at Hartford Park in June. The shooting injured three women and killed 12-year-old Aynis Vargas.

Vasquez testified that it was Gonzalez who told the shooter how to use the gun and then instructed him to ditch the van they drove to the party.

During his first meeting with police, Vasquez lied and changed his story several times. He now settled on the story that Gonzalez was the ring leader.

"I told them the defendant was in the car and mainly putting the weight on me and Castro," Vasquez said.

Prosecutors said Branden Castro was the gunman. Vasquez was the one to drive. Both men pleaded guilty to murder. Vasquez is currently serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole.

It might sound like a tough sentence, but the defense says it was part of a deal. In 20 years, Vasquez could be released. (not a fan of this sentence structure)

"You know if you didn't take this deal you'd be facing a much lengthier life sentence," defense attorney Robert Mann said.

While the defense kept pushing to discredit the witness, Vasquez came back defending his story.

"If it would have been my daughter, I would want justice," Vasquez said.

Both the prosecution and defense expect the trial to continue for at least a week.