MUST-SEE: Monster Gator is a Jaw-Dropper

Weighing in at over 1,000 lbs, it could be the largest gator every caught!

(WKRG) - Just take a look at this guy! Just looking at one of his feet gives you an idea of how massive this gator is. Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, it could be the largest gator ever caught on record.

"Well I think he's a pretty old dinosaur, that's what I think!" says Eric Pettway.

Rex Courtney is friends with Kevin Jenkins, who was part of the team that wrangled the gator onto the boata feat that took over four hours.

"You know the adrenaline starts flowing and you do what you gotta do!" says Courtney.

No doubt, Wilcox County will be the target of every serious gator hunter. Folks here say they're proud of the claimand the focus will be good for the economy.

"Now there's a lot of people coming around and it should be good for everybody, kind of pick the economy up a little bit," says Al Hargreaves, Manager of Miller's Ferry Marina and Restaurant.

"When people come into Wilcox County for one thing, they're going to visit our establishment, they're going to shop, they're going to eat in our restaurants," says Wilcox Chamber of Commerce Director Sheryl Threadgill-Matthews.

I'm here at the William Bill Dannely Reservoir which reaches out into the Alabama River where this gator was captured. And though 15 feet-long gators are hard to come by, folks I spoke with today believe there are more out there.

"I've been up here fishing a long time and I definitely know there are some big ones out here so it didn't surprise me a bit!" says hunter Oscar Davis.

And some want to see more of these big guys caught.

"I think they need to put out more tags for gator hunting, I don't think there's enough in this area and there's a lot of alligators out here," says Justin Nowling.

The family will be holding a press conference tomorrow night where they will talk about what they plan to do with the gator.