Mystic Aquarium welcomes adopted seal

A northern fur seal that was moved from California to Connecticut will be on public display starting Saturday.

Members of the media were invited to see the seal Thursday.

Ziggy Star was found barely alive on the Mendocino coast in April 2013. She was diagnosed with a neurologic condition that would make it impossible for her to be released into the wild.

Mystic Aquarium agreed to be her permanent home, and after several months of rehabilitation in California, Ziggy Star arrived in Mystic last week.

"We are happy to be able to step up and bring Ziggy here to Mystic Aquarium and provide the care that she needs and a home for her," said Tracy Romano, executive vice president of research and zoological operations. "Not only is she special because of her story, but she's a northern fur seal and these are a depleted species and it's a rare occurrence that one strands."

The aquarium said Ziggy Star will spend the next few months at the Marine Mammal Observatory. She will eventually reside in the Pacific Northwest Exhibit, where she'll live with other northern fur seals and harbor seals.