Narragansett to increase patrols in wake of party

In this still image from a YouTube video, a mailbox flies through the air during a party in Narragansett.

Narragansett police said Thursday that it will increase patrols as a result of a bloody, beer-drenched college party in the Eastward Look neighborhood.

A video posted on YouTube showed 800 to 1,000 young people swarming Greene Lane on Saturday. Beer bottles and mailboxes were thrown.

"It was just a very upsetting scene," said Narragansett Town Council President James Callaghan.

"This event happened so quickly that the street literally filled in behind the police officers that were there," Police Chief Dean Hoxsie said.

To combat future out-of-control parties, the town has enacted stiffer penalties for drunken conduct.

Even though the police department already spends about $100,000 a year on party enforcement, it's upping the ante.

Police will increase patrols around the town starting Thursday night.

"Instead of the standard one car that may swing through the area, they may see five or six," Hoxsie said.

About one-third of properties in town are rentals and several of the tenants are students, which is why the town says it's important for the university to punish students for their off-campus conduct.

Eighteen people were arrested. The university is working with police and reviewing video to see who was involved.

URI said the students will face disciplinary hearings and possible suspensions.

"There will be individuals who are no longer students at the University of Rhode Island," the school said in a statement.

"The severity of this certainly warrants that drastic of recourse," Hoxsie said.

While some students complain the punishment is too harsh, town officials are not sympathetic.

"I can't say I feel bad for them, no," Callaghan said. "They've come to Narragansett and used it as their place to live and to play -- but those days are over."

The university said it would work with the town over the summer to prevent a similar scene in the fall.