Navy sailor from Pawtucket falls to his death in Va.

Morgan Hayman

A Navy sailor from Pawtucket fell to his death Tuesday from a sixth-floor balcony at a barracks in Norfolk, Virginia.

Morgan Hayman, 21, joined the Navy after graduating from William M. Davies Jr. Career and Technical High School in Lincoln four years ago.

NBC 10 spoke with his mother, LeeAnn Hughes, on the phone from Florida, where she now lives.

"The sorrow is so sad that there is no feeling I could feel at all. I can't feel all of it. It's so sad," Hughes said.

The Navy is investigating and told WAVY-TV in Virginia that there was a fight involving Hayman and another sailor leading up to the fall.

The two were friends.

Hayman's mother said she met the other sailor involved just a couple months ago and thought he was very nice.

"If he was part of this and it was an accident, I hope I get to talk to him because I don't want him to ever feel that I would hold it against him. I know things happen. And I know it's my son, but I wouldn't want anybody to have to live with that anguish," Hughes said.

Hayman's job in the Navy was assembling weapons on airplanes. He recently finished a nine-month deployment aboard the USS Harry Truman.

"He was a really good young man that had a lot of hopes. We were all proud of him," his mother said.