NBC 10: Charges dropped in car vandalism case

Charges have been dropped in a case where cars for sale were being vandalized on the lot.

NBC 10 reported in February that the owner of an auto body shop in Warwick was accused of scratching cars with a key at a local car dealership as a way of getting business.

The cars were keyed at two lots owned by Stevie D's dealership in Warwick. The owner said five cars were keyed and that the repairs cost $1,500 per car.

The repair work was done at an auto body shop owned by 72-year-old Anthony Lombardi, who was charged with vandalism.

The owner of Stevie D's said he caught Lombardi on his security cameras as the culprit who was keying the cars. The dealership owner claims Lombardi was keying the cars so he would get the repair jobs because the two businesses already worked together.

The case against Lombardi was dismissed earlier this week, and a move to expunge the records will be heard in two weeks.

NBC 10 tried to reach police and the city solicitor to find out why the case was dropped, but we were unable to reach anyone involved in the case.

The owner of the car dealership, who is upset, told NBC 10 that he was told it was because of an issue with the surveillance video.