Nearly 200 protesters march to Providence police station

Protesters marched through the city into police headquarters in response to a police shooting in Missouri.

Protesters marched through Providence and into police headquarters Wednesday night in response to the police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9.

Carrying on the cry heard in Ferguson and in many other parts of the country now, a couple hundred protestors take to the streets in Providence, chanting, "Hands up, don't shoot!"

Protest organizer Kia Smith told NBC 10, "When an unarmed black man is shot, you should expect there to be an outcry of the people, no one's going to stand around for it anymore."

They said their message is about what happened in Ferguson and injustices that happen all over, including closer to home.

"We need to call into question the role of law enforcement in all our communities," said Chris Murphy.

Cameron Battle, who claims Providence police once stopped him for no reason, said, "I believe it's population control. I believe it's to be able to keep us living in fear."

When the protestors reached Providence Police Headquarters, they didn't stop outside, instead taking their loud chants inside the lobby. "We want freedom, freedom from the racist police!," was among the chants.

A handful of police officers looked on quietly as speeches by protestors a few feet away from them became more anti-police, accusing police of being racist. There was an accusation that an officer there once beat up a young man, and there was sarcastic thanks for the work police do.

The ranking police officer in the lobby, a captain, declined an on camera interview, telling NBC 10 there was nothing to say, that the protestors have the right to free speech. The protestors said they would return next week.