Neighbors complain about plow service

Heading into this weekend's storm, several neighbors on Elmwood Avenue in Cranston are worried about plow service. They claim a private plow operator was out-of-hand on their road after the storm two weeks ago.

"You could tell as soon as he came close to this house and the few houses across the street, he would pick up speed," Toni Bagley told NBC 10.

Bagley and her neighbors claim the plow driver repeatedly sped past their homes well after most of the snow was cleared, throwing a mix of snow, slush, and ice deep into their yard while they were outside.

Bagley said, "That tends to hurt when that stuff hits you. It's ice. By then, it was after the blizzard. It was frozen. It was chunky. It hurt." She says two neighbors were knocked over by the flying snow, leading to a confrontation with the driver.

There was no answer at the plow company when NBC 10 called.