Neighbors react to shooting in New Bedford

It was just before 11:30pm on Friday night when New Bedford police officers were executing a search warrant 244 Davis Street.

Police said as they tried to get through the door, they found it was barricaded with a safety bar.

After striking the door, the officers were fired upon multiple times by someone inside and an officer was shot.

Now the resident of the apartment, 21 year old Nathan Manuel-Jackson, is charged with assault with intent to murder and firearms charges.

Another man in the apartment, 34 year old Thomas Scott of Mattapan, charged with being an accessory after the fact.

In the aftermath of the shooting neighbors told NBC 10 that one of their concerns now is the safety of the area for the children and the people who live there.

Many neighbors didn't want to speak, never mind go on camera, but NBC 10 did speak with one resident of the home where the shooting happened about what he went through. "I heard a lot of noise, and mind my business, I didn't know what happened until a cop told me a cop got shot, and that made me feel bad."

This man, who identified himself only as Pops, lives on the first floor of the apartment building, downstairs from where everything happened, telling NBC 10 "hell yah I'm scared, I've been to Vietnam, but this hurt me bad, I just hope the cop lived, and he lived, and I'm happy"

Police tell NBC 10 that the officer's injuries were non- life threatening and that he was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon.

In addition to the two suspects charged, three others in the apartment were served with grand jury subpoenas and may also face charges down the road.