Neighbors ready for Hernandez media circus to be over

New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was taken into police custody on Wednesday more than a week after a Boston semi-pro football player was found dead in an industrial park a mile from Hernandez's house.

Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player for the Boston Bandits, was found slain June 17.

Despite attempts to avoid television cameras and hiring a well-known criminal defense attorney, Hernandez could not avoid being paraded like a perpetrator in front of television crews outside of his North Attleborough home. He was escorted from his home in handcuffs by two Massachusetts police officers.

"I've heard he's probably covering for one of his friends or something, that's what the rumors are at least," said neighbor Joe Sullivan.

"I think he knows a lot more than he's saying, or more than he's willing to tell," said neighbor Jim Allen.

Allen has done landscape design for numerous Patriots players in the neighborhood. He says there's something off about Hernandez.

"Some of the players are really nice, others are on the mean side. I think he's one of the latter," Allen said.

Onlookers have been driving through the neighborhood for the past week trying to get a look at the circus surrounding the high-profile athlete.

Bryan Latzburg came through donning a Patriots helmet. He's a Baltimore Ravens fan and said he's happy New England is losing a good athlete like Hernandez.

"We are having a fun time trying to go see Aaron, being goofballs, wearing this helmet around," he said.

Most fans say the New England Patriots' decision to release Hernandez was the right one. They're hoping the arrest will lead to much anticipated answers in this murder case.

"You wake up and hear the helicopters, which is weird. We are ready for this to be over with," Sullivan said.

Media from across the country have been camped outside of Hernandez's home for more than a week, hoping for just a glimpse of the pro-athlete.

Neighbors in the area were seen chanting this week "We want our neighborhood back", and asking the media to go home. As this case continues to unravel quickly they might just get their wish.