Neighbors squawk about farmer's bird cannons

A Bristol farmer is using cannons to scare away birds and protect his crops, but the constant noise is causing an uproar amongst people living nearby.

"It sounds like a bunch of guns going off," Nicole Perkins said.

"It sounds like fireworks, like boom, boom, boom," said Edmond Dupuis.

Residents of Harrison Street in Bristol have been dealing with that noise for more than a decade, and they say it's getting worse.

The Usher Farm on Metacom Avenue sets off cannons to scare birds and protect crops, but it's scaring off people too.

"It starts at 6 in the morning, doesn't let up sometimes until 8 at night," Dupuis said.

"At some point, I think there needs to be a little give here for the community," Jon Foster said.

Foster is trying to sell his home on Harrison Street. It's a beautiful place with a view of the water, but with the added elements from Usher Farm, no one wants to buy it right now.

"We're trying to sell our house for what we paid for it, and right now we're a bit below that. So, it is a real struggle. It's a hardship now for us," Foster said.

The owner of Usher Farm said the family is going to keep using the cannons because without them the crops will die. The owner said the family is protected to keep using the cannons under the state's Right to Farm Act.

"I appreciate that he's a farmer and he's getting pretty hard hit, but this neighborhood is being hit hard too. It's a little bit like living in a war zone," Foster said.

The cannons only go off during peak season from mid-July through early August. Until then, there's little neighbors can do but hunker down and endure the boom.