NEIT launches skilled work program

The New England Institute of Technology on Monday launched a program to train students to fill skilled work positions.

The program is called the Shipbuilding-Marine and Advanced Manufacturing Institute or SAMI.

The program is supported by federal grants and is a direct result of several companies complaining there aren't enough workers to fill skilled positions.

On Monday, officials from New England Tech referenced a $17.6 billion contract that Electric Boat has with the U.S. Navy. The deal means the company needs to fill 400 new positions so it can build 10 Virginia-class submarines.

Since 2013, 59 people have completed the program, and Electric Boat has hired 20 of them. The company said it is only hiring locally and said the SAMI program is crucial to helping them fill manufacturing and welding positions.

The program is free to unemployed residents who are 18 or older. Students have to complete a screening and two-week orientation process to see if they qualify.

After passing the requirements, participants complete about eight weeks of hands-on training in either welding or manufacturing.

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