New Bedford celebrates 'biggest' Portuguese feast in world

New Bedford

What's claimed to be the biggest Portuguese feast in the world is 100 years in the making. The tradition is renewed in New Bedford's north end with food, family, friends, and faith and that's what the feast is all about according to its sponsors.

The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is put on by the Madeira Club, members with an ancestry to that part of Portugal. And they put on a good party for the masses.

"They should expect to see our love for our country, where we come from, Madeira, where our ancestors came from, and see how we entertain people, how we treat people," said Larry Abreu, president of Club Madeirense.

The feast starts with a blessing in church and then the opening ceremony on Madeira Avenue, honoring the club's four founders and kicking off the celebration.

A lot of people come to have fun, drink the wine, have the food, stuff like that; it means more to club members Abreu says. "It means a lot more to us than that. It's a continuation. We're all family."

The feast runs through the weekend in New Bedford's north end.