New Bedford woman has yearbook returned after 50 years

A NewBedford woman says she's gotten her high school yearbook back after 50 years.

Theyearbook went missing shortly after Carol "Mickie" Santos graduated from NewBedford High School in 1963.

Santossaid her cousin had it by mistake packed it away in a moving box. Santos saidher cousin gave it back to her last month at Santos's mom's funeral.

"And Ijust gently opened it as if secrets were going to come flying out or somethingand I just started to cry. I looked at all the faces and everybody was so youngand handsome and beautiful, without a flaw, without a problem, without theusual nicks and scrapes that life gives you after 50 years," she said.

Santos,who's retired now, says she's been writing screenplays and hopes to turn thisexperience into a movie.