Newport man recounts Boston blast moments

Jason Geremia was in the blast zone in Boston.

"It's something you wish you could erase," he told NBC 10.

The Newport man was at a bar near the finish line of the Boston with friends.

One of those friends from Newport, Heather Abbott, was just about to get into the bar.

"All of a sudden you heard the loudest bang. It was surreal. Didn't really understand what it was. Everybody ran to the back of the bar," Geremia said.

Once out the back of the bar, Geremia realized Abbott was not there. He tried to get back in.

"I saw this bouncer carry her down the stairs and I saw her and I said, 'Give her to me, give her to me.' He said, 'Do you know her?' And I said, 'Yes, yes, that's my best friend.' I said, 'Give her to me.' He said, 'No, no, no, look at her leg.' It was very tough to see that," Geremia said.

Abbott had suffered a serious injury to her lower leg. Geremia called 911.

"We took my buddy Tommy's belt off and put a tourniquet on her," Geremia said.

Emergency crews took Abbott back out through the bar.

"It smelled like gunpowder or smoke. All the glass was broken. The front of the bar was destroyed and there was blood everywhere. There was body parts. It looked three dead people," Geremia said.

Geremia said he spent much of the next 24 hours at the hospital where Abbott was being treated.

"It was very, very hard to see her," he said.

Abbott grew up in Lincoln, where her parents still live. They were at her bedside.