Nightclub offers free rides after drinking on St. Patrick's Day weekend

Law enforcement is preparing to crack down on drinking and driving this upcoming St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Police are giving partiers in Providence no excuse to drink and drive. They're offering you a safe ride home.

For the second year in a row Mother's Against Drunk Driving partnered with Colosseum nightclub in Providence to designate safe rides home for anyone that needs one in the city of Providence.

And they're encouraging you to sign up today.

Drinking and driving is a problem nearly every weekend in Rhode Island.

"We've been averaging 65 deaths a year, that's 65 too many," Michael Lewis of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.

It's bound to be a problem this upcoming St. Patrick's Day weekend too but law enforcement is giving partiers in Providence no excuse. They're arranging a safe ride home.

Mother's Against Drunk Driving partnered with Colosseum nightclub to prevent anyone from getting behind the wheel.

"Ultimately we've saved a life," said Anthony Santurri owner of the Colosseum nightclub.

The Colosseum is offering incentives to people who commit ahead of time to drive sober this weekend.

Sober drivers will get into the club for free, drink for free and the next time they come to the club they'll get in for free. It also benefits anyone who signs up to get a ride from a sober driver, responsible drinkers who commit to get a safe ride get half off their entrance too.

"Take care of friends, we'll take care of you and ultimately care for every one of us here," Santurri said.

More than 300 people have already committed to the Designated Driver Program. Law enforcement is encouraging more nightclubs to get involved.

"You've saved lives, they will save lives too," said Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare.

What's the only catch to the program? You do have to sign up for the program ahead of time.

All you have to do is contact Club Owner Anthony Santurri at 401-316-4299 and volunteer either to drive or get a sober ride.