No match yet for Tyler Seddon, but family gets some good news

Tyler Seddon is sworn in as honorary Burrillville police chief for the day on his 7th birthday.

The mother of a Burrillville boy battling cancer, who has captured the hearts of first responders across the country, said a possible bone marrow match has refused to donate through the appropriate procedure.

Rachel Seddon-Dunn said the family will continue to search for a match.

She said they have two potential cord blood matches, but they are not 100 percent confirmed.

Also, Tyler's leukemia cells have decreased from 5 percent to .03 percent.

Earlier this month, firefighters and police officers from across the country visited Burrillville for Tyler's seventh birthday.

He was named honorary police chief for the day, and had a parade that was attended by hundreds of first responders from all over the country.