Norovirus outbreak hits Brown University campus

Dozens of Brown University students have been sickened with a stomach bug since Sunday.

So far, two of the students have tested positive for norovirus. In all, 67 students have sought treatment for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. 18 of them went to local emergency rooms and one of them was admitted to a hospital. The rest were seen at the campus health center.

"I just looked on my Facebook page earlier and people were, like, I'm throwing up all over the place," Brown student Andrew Gonzales told NBC 10 News.

The university sent an email to students Wednesday cautioning them about the illness. The message included symptoms to look out for and precautions to take, most notably washing hands.

Brown University officials said they are working with the Rhode Island Department of Health to determine a possible cause of the illnesses and to try to stop its spread.