NRA, state police brief lawmakers on gun policy

Rhode Island lawmakers may soon be considering a package of gun control bills that is being crafted by a working group.

The group has representatives from the governor's office and the speaker of the House of Representatives, as well as law enforcement.

Some of the proposed laws will be aimed at tracking stolen guns, according to Cumberland Police Chief John Desmarais, who is a working group member and head of the Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association.

"Our working group is dealing more with licensing and sales, and finding out how these illegal guns are getting on the street," Desmarais said.

About a dozen representatives listened to a lobbyist from the NRA and a captain from Rhode Island State Police answer questions about guns and ammunition. The effort being to educate legislators on gun issues before they vote on laws concerning them.

"See what we could learn and get some answers, some technical answers, so we could tap into their knowledge, so we could learn prior to voting on any legislation that has to do with firearms," Rep. Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, D-Woonsocket, said.

The working group tasked with coming up with a package of gun control laws meets again Thursday, and could submit legislation next week.