Off-duty firefighter severely injured in fall from wall

© Sean Newton

Caution tape now lines the wall an off-duty Woonsocket firefighter fell off of early Sunday morning in Charlestown.

Sean Newton, 23, is now listed in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital after he suffered severe head injuries in the fall off a two foot wall along the walkway outside the Rathskeller Tavern.

Charlestown Police Chief Jeffrey Allen told NBC 10, "Who knows why. Was he hopping off? Did he trip? Did he fall? No one will ever know."

Allen says there was no foul play, as officers have seen video from the restaurant's cameras. "It was a terrible, horrific accident and nothing more," he said.

Allen says staff at the bar had cut Newton off from drinking at some point in the night. "And he was drinking water. That's what we were told. It appears they were doing their due diligence."

Newton made the news earlier this year when he was charged with DUI in his hometown of South Kingstown. Police there said he was dressed in his firefighter's uniform and claimed to be on his way to work when he was stopped.

Allen, a former South Kingstown police officer, knows Newton from his high school years, when Allen says he was active in anti-drinking programs in high school. "Our hearts and our prayers and thoughts go out to him and his family. He's a good person who I know personally. He's a former Eagle Scout and just an all-around very, very good person."

A manager at the Rathskeller Tavern told NBC 10 they were sorry about what happened and their thoughts go out to the family.