Officer injured in chase

Two suspects who are accused of taking police on a chase are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

A police officer was hurt.

State police and environmental police searched for one suspect off Interstate 95 near exit 7 in Coventry Wednesday night.

Providence police said narcotics detectives were trailing a drug suspect on I-95 South when the suspect got off the highway at exit 6 and pulled into a driveway.

Officers tried to box in the car, but the suspect turned around, hitting an officer and an unmarked police vehicle.

The suspect drove back on the highway and pulled over in the median and ran across the highway into the woods, where he was captured.

Police arrested 26-year-old Jerry Mercado Cruz of Providence.

His female passenger, 25-year-old Laura Mercedes then drove off in the car. She was caught by state police.

The officer who was hit suffered bruises and scratches but is OK.