Officers honored in Johnston

A special ceremony was held at the Johnston Senior Center on Tuesday night to honor more than 30 officers.Among the heroic acts honored was the work done in two high profile murder cases.That includes the arrest of Donald Greenslit. Greenslit is the Johnston man convicted of killing his girlfriend, Stacie Dorego, dismembering her body and burning the remains last year.Retired Maj. Michael Colucci, Detectives William Demers, James Brady, Thomas Dwyer, Brian Loffredi,{} Retired BCI Detective Raymond Peters , BCI Detective Joshua Heywood{} and Patrolman Kevin Brady received{} the Chief of Police medals for the Greenslit case.The other high profile murder case is the arrest of Daniel Rodriguez.He's accused of killing his girlfriend, her daughter and then kidnapping her son.Maj. Frank Levesque,{} Lt. Christopher Correia , Detectives Steven Lopez, William Demers,{} Anthony Sasso, James Brady, Thomas Dwyer, Brian Loffredi, and Christopher DeCesare,{} BCI Detective Joshua Heywood and Capt.. Thomas Dolan received the Chief of Police medals for the Rodriguez case.Winners of other awards:Mayor's Medal Award:Sgt. Joseph SalvadorePtlm. Jared DeAngelis Chief of Police Award:Sgt. Dana Gousie Ptlm. Thomas HaydenPtlm. Joseph Scichilone Sgt. Brian LeclairPtlm.{} Kevin BradyCommendations:Ptlm. David LofflerPtlm. Derek Parascandolo, Ptlm. Adam ParkinsonPtlm. Matthew Winsor Ptlm. Arthur Petteruti, Lt.{} Seth Crosby Lt. Matthew BensonDepartment Ribbon Award Sgt. Dennis PeacockPtlm.{} Jeffrey Fryer (retired)Ptlm. Mario Mennella, Ptlm. Robert Cardoza, Ptlm. Michael Andreozzi, Ptlm. Richard Varan Lt. Steven Guilmette